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President's Message

At Sanyang, we commit ourselves wholeheartedly to offer great products, technologies and service to enrich and fulfill the lives and needs of people. Our underlying promise is to provide real-time satisfaction through authentic product experiences. Sanyang's continuous effort of bringing the greatest quality products to life has been acknowledged by the public. In 2004 this recognition was evident by our 50 year anniversary celebration displaying Sanyang's important role and position in the motor vehicle industry for a half century.

Throughout the last 5 decades, our ability to foresee trends and be at the forefront of innovation has let us recognize and produce technologies that are more environmentally friendly and also a safer means of transportation. These efforts support our beliefs in managing and sustaining a company that is responsive to the needs of society.

Under Sanyang's management principles, we truly appreciate positive contributions and value the intrinsic beauty of "integrity", "vibrancy", "innovation" and "customer satisfaction". These principles form the core of everything we do at Sanyang. Based on these fundamental beliefs, we are now ready to emerge from Taiwan to the global market, while trying to "think global and act local" to obtain maximum value for our customers. With our professionalism, quality, and tenacity, we will be able to provide future generations with genuine products that enhance every aspect of life.