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David Harrington

David Harrington is the editor of Just Gotta Scoot

The SYM CityCom has good lighting with dual 35-watt headlights and conventional signals and brakeSYM CityCom 300i Scooter Locking Fuel Cap lights. Maybe the next update willl have some LED or even HID goodies, but for the time being lighting is just fine. Night-time riding was not a problem with the dual headlights giving an excellent field of vision. The locking fuel cap is conveniently located. Not having the filler under the seat is nice for a scooter like this because when I'm commuting alone I often have "stuff" bungeed on the passenger seat and taking everything off to get at the fuel is a hassle.

The CityCom functioned flawlessly during our review time. SYM's reputation for quality is well deserved. All the switches, controls, latches, and so forth are of good quality and will probably prove to be quite durable over time. I know a few people who still have their 2009 CityCom scooters and they hold up well.

If you are really looking for a machine that will cover you in any commuting situation, city or highway, with comfort, reliability and efficient operation, look at a CityCom. Get the rear luggage rack, mount a SHAD 40 - 48 liter trunk, and enjoy many miles and years of use. All for hundreds less than the next closest choice.