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David Harrington
Updated February 2009

David Harrington is the editor of Just Gotta Scoot

The SYM HD-200 has a 171cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engine, twist-and-go automatic CVT transmission, and carbureted fuel system. The engine has some interesting features including a ceramic coated cylinder, four-valves and a one-piece cylinder head. Suspension is fairly conventional with telescopic forks up front and two shocks in the rear. The front brake is a single disk and the rear brake is a drum.

The key word here is "fun" and that pretty much sums up my riding impressions of the SYM HD-200. Acceleration is brisk right off the line and stays brisk through the mid-range. Roll-on acceleration was especially nice in the 30 MPH to 60 MPH range. Handling is smooth, confidence-inspiring, and quicker than I expected given the larger diameter wheels. Brakes are adequate.

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Gabe Ets-Hokin Picture
Gabe Ets-Hokin
Contributing Editor
Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gabe Ets-Hokin is a well-known motojournalist, but he knows scooters well, too: he's been a factory sales rep for Derbi scooters, re-built a Vespa motor in room 107 at the Elvis Presley Motor Lodge in Memphis, TN and has edited several scooter buyer's guides. He unapologetically loves da' scoots.

It's funny, but riding a scooter can bring out the philosopher in you. That's because the scooter is the motorcycle's younger brother, the motorcycle 2.0 if you will, created in the mid-20th century to solve many of the inadequacies motorcycles present. Motorcycles are difficult to ride, with their hand controls and foot controls and clutches and peaky, heady power delivery. They also get you greasy and dirty and put little dents on the tops of your boots. And who wants to wear boots all the time? And what the hell am I supposed to do with this ridiculous-looking helmet when I'm parked? Carry it around with me like I'm some kind of fraternity pledge? Even a Yugo has a trunk. Say I just want to go to the burger place and bring back some burgers, fries and drinks for a few people. A bone-stock GSX-R1000 may be able to finish in the top ten of an AMA race, but I guarantee the rider will have diet Dr. Pepper spilled all over his race leathers, and the burger will be a smooshed, soggy mess after the first two laps. Motorcycles have the look, the performance, the cool factor we like, but they're pretty crappy urban errand-runners, which can make a motorcyclist question his entire raison d'etre.

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Costa Mouzouris
Features Contributor
June 17, 2009

Costa Mouzouris is a features contributor for Canada MotoGuide.com. Costa’s had quite the moto journalistic career. Working first for CMG, then Cycle Canada and now back to CMG, Costa is one of the best that there is in Canadian moto-journalism and contributes mainly test bike features and product launches.

The largest capacity scooter in this group, the Sym HD200 at 171 cc, uses a liquid-cooled four-valve single, and subsequently produced the most power, with a claimed output of 20 horsepower.