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David Harrington

David Harrington is the editor of Just Gotta Scoot

The SYM Mio has very good lighting, front and rear and the dash is easy to read, even in bright sunlight. The controls are simple to use and configured in pretty much the same layout as most other scooters with one exception – the turn signal switch does not have a press-to-cancel feature. That’s my one and only operational complaint about the Mio. Storage under the seat is good, and the seat can be opened with either the key or by means of a release button by the left-hand controls. The fuel door pops open with a turn of the key and was easy to fill, not that you’ll be adding fuel all that often.


Performance is pretty solid for a four stroke 50cc bike; we got 11 seconds to 50kph with our usual 70kg rider. The test bike had only done 33kms so I imagine this may even improve slightly once the bike is fully run in. Fuel economy was about the same as the Mio 100 at 3l/100kms or around 77MPG; about average for a 50cc scooter. Ease of use is very high as it is very light and simple to put on the centre stand and generally move around. The under seat storage area is quite large and will just fit a smaller full face helmet. The only things you'll miss on the Mio 50 are a lockable front glove box and a conventional indicator switch. The slider type switch that SYM use on the two Mio's is not best solution. Summing up,if you're after a 50cc scooter put the SYM Mio 50 on the top of your list. It's a hard bike to beat at the price.